Donda Premieres Sees Kim Kardashian As Surprise Attendant

Kanye West
Kanye West

Donda, the recent music album by Kanye West was premiered on Thursday. The party had a lot of celebrity attendance. The most significant of all was Kim Kardashian. She was a surprise entrant to the show. Kim and Kanye have been divorced now. However, Kim showing up at the music release is a hint at their healthy bonding.

Donda Launch at Mercedes-Benz Arena Made Special By Kim Kardashian 

Kanye West released his music album number 10 on Thursday. The grand party was organized at the arena in Atlanta. Many were invited to the show. However, people were shocked and surprised to see Kim Kardashian appear. She made an appearance with her kids at the stadium. Kim & Kanye have recently decided to call off their marriage. 

The music album derived its name from a very sentimental source.  Donda was the name of Kante’s mother. She had a tragic death following complications from plastic surgery. She was only 58years old at the time of her demise. Kim & Kanye sported matching attire at the party. Kim was spotted in a jumpsuit which was red. She also paired it up with boots that matched the outfit. West wore a red-colored snowsuit as well. He matched it up with boots & a mask. 

Kim Kardashian has stated clearly that she did not intend to oust Kanye from their children. She said that the pop star can communicate with the kids anytime he wished to. While posting for Father’s Day, Kardashian added the picture of Kanye West. The other people that she paid tribute to were her late father, brother, etc. 

The bonding of both has seemed to be healthy. Both of them put in extra care and effort to spend time with their kids. Donda was streamed live on Apple. Celebrities like Jadakiss, Big Boi, Shaquille O’ Neil & Ceelo Green attended the fest. 

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