Paul Craig Claims Gruesome Victory Over Jamahal Hill In UFC 263

paul craig
paul craig

On Saturday, UFC 263 started with the grueling victory of Paul Craig. In the bout in the light heavyweight category, Craig made Hill hit the floor in the starting round in Arizona’s Glendale’s Gila River Arena, Hill got his left arm dislocated as he tumbled to the ground.

Paul Craig’s Hold Dislocated Hill’s Arm

Hill had fallen down on the floor early on by Paul Craig. Then Craig had gone in to flip Hill around. To flip him, Craig pinned down Hill’s left arm with his legs. However, in the process of flipping, Craig snapped Hill’s lower arm out of its socket. This made a wild scene for watchers. After that for some time, Hill’s arm was loosely and unnaturally moving around while he was in Craig’s hold. The referee had to step in to stop the fight.

Later, Paul Craig admitted that he had felt Hill’s arm dislocate. After the move, he had immediately looked to the referee. Al Guinee, the referee, was a little delayed in making his decision and realizing the injury. So Craig was confused as to why the fight was still going on.

Shortly afterward, the bout was called. This was Hill’s first loss in his career. For Paul Craig, this was his consecutive fourth win. For the fight, Craig was an underdog by +225 points on BetMGM. Guinee did not referee any other match on Saturday.

Hill looked to be alright with the injury, as he was able to walk off the floor. However, his arm looked in very bad shape. Dana White, the president of the UFC, told his team for broadcasting that the arm did not suffer a break. It had only been dislocated severely.

Fans, however, took to Twitter claiming that the fight was not stopped quickly enough.