Naftali Bennett Set To Be The First Leader After Benjamin Netanyahu

naftali bennett
naftali bennett

Benjamin Netanyahu, the present Prime Minister of Israel, had been in power for over 12 years. This is among the longest tenures of any present democratic leaders across the globe. However, it is potentially coming to an end with Naftali Bennett.

The Situation With Naftali Bennett

It is all but certain that a new government will take charge in Israel in the coming hours unless something enormously unexpected happens. The new government will be led by Naftali Bennett, the leader of Yamina; and Yair Lapid, the chairman of Yesh Atid. Naftali will presumably be the thirteenth prime minister of Israel after Netanyahu. Netanyahu had been the prime minister for nearly 15 years.

The special session in the Knesset will start with an introduction by Bennett regarding his cabinet as well as the guidelines his government will follow. Then, Lapid will give his speech. After that, Netanyahu along with representatives from the thirteen Knesset factions will have their say. After that, a vote will take place to appoint MK Mickey Levy as the speaker instead of Yariv Levin. After that, the next government will have to win the confidence vote.

After the passage of the vote, both Lapid and Bennett will be taking the Prime Minister’s oath. Each will serve for one-half of the term. The first meeting will take place immediately after.

Netanyahu is set to depart from the PMO and the Balfour and Smlonskin official residence as soon as possible too if the replacement happens. However, there can still be surprises sprung.

Lapid will stay on as the minister for foreign affairs in the next cabinet. The coalition agreements were signed and finalized among the 8 parties on Friday. Bennet added that this agreement marks the end of a political crisis that lasted for over 36 months.