Paul Rudd Expressed Deep Disappointment As Saturday Night Live Falls Back On Old And Taped Sketches at His Fifth Hosting

Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd expressed his deep disappointment as he had to host an audience-less Saturday Night Live. SNL was still on the air, though in a pandemic-modified version. It was Paul Rudd’s 5th appearance as the host.

The producers were on Twitter to announce the change of date and circumstances. Several cast and crew members were sent back home. Even Charli XCX and special guests went back as the new Omicron variant continued to spread rapidly. This was confirmed by a person who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Paul Rudd Frowns Despite A Surprise Entry From Tom Hanks

The best surprise guest of the evening had to be Tom Hanks even as a lonely saxophone player played on somberly as he walked in to light applause. He said that he had flown 3,000 miles from California and there was no way that he would miss his time on TV. Paul Rudd gets a 5-timer robe and that should help him get over his disappointment a bit.

Tina Fey admits it is a small audience, but not her smallest she had done improv inside a Macy’s. Paul Rudd said that the show would be a bit like a new Beatles documentary with lots of old footage but also new stuff that draws you back to watch in full.

Hanks thanked Tina Fey, also a 5-timer, and reminded her that he had started the club. Fey joked that he had also started COVID, as Hanks was among the first group of celebrities who opened up on their battle against the pandemic.

Cast Member gave away the hosting jacket to Paul Rudd, the Sexiest Man Alive according to People’s Magazine. He joked that Paul Rudd was being given for hosting only 4.5 times.

Tina Fey and Thompson explained that this show would rely on earlier sketches and sketches filmed in the past week.

Paul Rudd said it best in his closing remarks. He said that the audience did not get what they expected. But that was what contributed to the beauty of this show. It was as always unpredictable.