Ali Wong Despises Co-actor’s Act

ali wong

David Choe a few years ago made up a piece of fake news to seek attention from his audience. He runs an erotic podcast. Perhaps he is proud of it.

However, after knowing the truth Ali Wong lost respect for him. Found this “joke” or an attention-seeking bit out of line. Not only Wong but also Steven Yeun, and Lee Sung Jin share the same feelings. Whatever David Choe has done is utterly disgraceful. He has traumatized many and has no remorse whatsoever. He was candid about it all along. He shrugged off the bad comments that were made against him.

Ali Wong Will Never Support A “Liar”

The story David Choe spread was not just only disturbing but also triggering. Ali Wong was David Choe’s co-actor in Beef. However, seems like they have beef now.

David Choe is not only an actor but also a graffiti artist. He made nearly $200 million designing murals. He showed his creativity at Facebook’s headquarters. He used to be known as a talented and intellectual person to talk.

Nevertheless, he outshined his self. Ali Wong did express her distaste for this act of David Choe. Choe fabricated an erotic story for the sake of attention. Which he later justified by saying he wanted ‘provoke’ and ‘ challenge’ his audience.

He wanted to witness their reaction. Their rage would have been enticing. Ali Wong said along with two other co-actors of his. What David Choe spread none years ago was hurtful. In no way do they support this impulse act of his. They are well aware of David Choe’s apology. They are not going to sugarcoat anything on his behalf of him.

Ali Wong also mentioned David Choe is getting therapy now. For whatever reason has driven him to do things in the past. He is learning from his mistake and we are trying to find a solid ground for him to return.

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