Paul Rudd Named The Sexiest Man Alive For 2021

paul rudd
paul rudd

Move over Michael B. Jordan, as People magazine welcomes Paul Rudd as the sexiest man alive for the year 2021. As of Tuesday, the star of Ant-Man has been crowned as the Sexiest Man Alive, and the announcement was interestingly made on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert- interesting because Colbert had tried to steal the title the previous year in a hilarious skit.

Rudd, in his usually tongue-in-cheek manner, stated that he had enough awareness to know that there were so many other actors who deserved it over him. He stated that if people heard he had received the award, their first reaction would be of surprise and some incredulity. 

Paul Rudd Wants To Print Cards With the Tag of Sexiest Man Alive

Nevertheless, no one can deny that the alum of FRIENDS does seem to have an ageless grace around him. Paul Rudd has been caught on record stating that he always thinks of himself first as a father and husband. He would always spend his time with family- when he wasn’t working on his movies. And yet, Rudd would definitely enjoy the title provided to him. He also maintained that this time around, he would simply enjoy the title instead of being humble about it. The first order of business after this would be making cards with the title imprinted. 

Stephen Colbert announced the news after there were a series of skits on his show with Paul Rudd- which also saw the star of Ant-Man completing a few tasks that would showcase his sexiness to the world. But as we would have you know, the audience didn’t know they were literally watching the sexiest man alive.

Paul Rudd hopes that being the sexiest man alive would definitely have some perks with it- a couple of dinners with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Michael B. Jordan. Also, he would be looking forward to spending more of his time on yachts.

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