Bernie Sanders Issued A Memo For The 2024 Presidential Election

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

The helpers of Bernie Sanders issued a memo which revealed that the Senator of Vermont did not yet close the chance to be the third President nominee. Though Bernie Sanders was not going to compete in the upcoming Presidential election in 2024, it must not be forgotten that he is still very popular. He is even a leader who has remained undisputed in the progressive left party and he must be included in every conversation or discussion about a possible open presidential primary for the Democrats. 

Bernie Sanders Wants To Be Involved In The Discussion Of the 2024 Election

It is still date believed by people that Bernie was not interested. However, a source who is managing the process very closely stated that Sanders has personally given approval to the execution and concept of the memo. A former campaign helper of Sanders stated that the memo was received by people who are anti-Bernie and belong to the party, the Democrats. The helper also requested they speak openly about the memo and not keep it anonymous as they all wanted it to be out. 

Another source who was a former staff stated that this memo was sent to only those people who have good connections with the press and knew that they would release this news. Though Joe Biden, the President of America wants to stand for re-election, some members of Democrats believe that he will opt-out from it.  

Biden will be 82 years old in 2024 and speculation has it that the most popular and capable names from the Democrats would be Kamala Harris, the current Vice-President, Pete Buttigieg, the Secretary of Transportation, Elizabeth Warren, and some allies of Bernie Sanders. 

The previous week’s ranking for the top 10 candidates of Democrats in the 2024 election did not include Sanders. The manager of their campaign of Sanders stated that though he won’t be a President in the future, still his two campaigns have changed the country.

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