Sean Parnell’s Senate Campaign In Trouble?

sean parnell
sean parnell

The turbulent personal history of Sean Parnell could definitely spell the end of his Senate campaign, as several allegations have surfaced. These allegations have stemmed from his estranged wife, who has claimed Parnell abused her- which keeps spilling into the public sphere as the Senate candidate has to appear in court for a custody trial. The allegations could definitely disrupt the campaign of the Republican from Pennsylvania- while sowing doubt about his capability and pedigree as a candidate for the Senate. 

Sean Parnell Might Find His Senate Candidature A Distant Dream

The custody dispute has definitely put all of Sean Parnell’s skeletons out of the closet, as Laurie Snell- his estranged wife- has aired his dirty laundry. She has claimed that Parnell not only choked her but also injured their children. Although the Senate hopeful has denied the allegations, the allegations match the ones she had made in 2018 during a hearing on a protection from abuse order that she wanted from him. She also mentioned on Monday that Parnell had committed adultery. 

Needless to say, the Parnell campaign has refused to comment on the story- but anyone would be able to discern that such claims have definitely shaken up the system. Over the last couple of weeks, the Parnell campaign has had to cancel a couple of fundraising events, according to sources close to the events. Also, quite a few members of the staff have been contemplating resigning from their roles with the Sean Parnell campaign. 

Several Republicans have expressed their inhibitions with CNN as more than a few donors have started getting concerned with the bid of Sean Parnell ever since a rival campaign brought these details to the front of the party- details about his ongoing messy divorce and custody cases which have been going on for years now.

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