Paul Ryan Comes Out As Another Anti-Trump Republican

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan, the former speaker of the House, criticized Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America. He condemned his actions and the hold that he currently has on the Republican party which is quite vibrant these days. He also went on to warn the members of the GOP of getting too attached to the former president and the fact that they were forgetting the pillars of conservatism. The statement came from him this Thursday. 

Paul Ryan Joins The Republican Civil War

The native of Janville from the state of Wisconsin has always been one of the active critics of the former president. He claimed that the members of his party must keep their distance from “one personality” who is popular. He also stated a reason to back his answer. Paul Ryan claimed that failure to do so would cause the party to not reach anywhere. He went on to explain that this was not the first time the conservatives were facing such a dilemma. And the way to come out of it victoriously was to ignore a single personality.

They stated that what the voters wanted to see in the leaders of the Republican party was “independence.” and that is why it was extremely necessary to come back to sense. Paul Ryan gave the speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library which is situated in the Simi Valley in the state of California. It is to be noted that the Republican refrained from mentioning the name of the former President precisely. Nevertheless, the comments made by him make him one of the Republicans who are going public in objecting to the grip of Donald Trump on the party. And the list is only growing with time. Paul Ryan was the vice-presidential nominee of the party in the year 2012.