FRIENDS Reunion And Its Interesting Revelations


The FRIENDS Reunion, one of the most awaited shows that will be aired on the streaming channel, HBO Max, made some interesting revelations that will instill a surge of mixed feelings among the fans. What is the most interesting point is the fact that David Schwimmer, who plays the role of Ross, and Jennifer Anniston, who plays Rachel, had a huge crush on each other. In the series, they are an on-and-off couple who end up together. They also share a daughter, Emma. Earlier there had been rumors about the two dating each other in real life.

FRIENDS Reunion, Ross, And Rachel!

It was David Schwimmer who first revealed the fact that he had a crush on Anniston. And as a reply, Anniston stated that they both liked each other equally. And that was when they were shooting for the first season. In real life, none of the characters dated each other. Schwimmer gave a detailed idea about how things went for all in the FRIENDS Reunion.

He stated that the feelings that they had for each other were always at the wrong time. There were situations when one would be in a relationship. Schwimmer also added that they are always the boundaries of each other. And as he explained how never dated Anniston, a very funny reaction came from Matt Le Blanc who plays the role of Joey in the series. He said “bull****.”

All of the cast members including Courtney Cox, who plays Monica, Matthew Perry who plays the role of Chandler, and Lisa Kudrov approved that they were perfectly aware of whatever was going on between David and Anniston in the FRIENDS Reunion. Cox further added that she is quite happy about the two maintaining the distance. And that is because the show would not have worked out the way it did. Jennifer Anniston claimed in the FRIENDS Reunion that it was because of the mutual feelings she shared with Ross that made the two one of the great couples of the era of the 90s.

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