Andrew Cuomo’s Resignation Is Not Supported By House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, gave assurance about her principles with regard to sexual harassment. The Democrat claimed that she does not have any tolerance towards such action. Pelosi gave this stamen on Sunday. However, she did not make any mention of the accusations of sexual harassment that has currently engulfed the Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo.

Will Andrew Cuomo Resign?

Two senators from the Democratic party have come forth to join the demand concerning the resignation of the accused New York governor, Andrew Cuomo. The senators also belong to the same state as the governor. They are Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer. 

The number of politicians vouching for the resignation of the governor is increasing day by day. The number accelerated especially after a seventh woman came forth to make her claims against the New York governor. According to her accusations, Democrat Andrew Cuomo harassed the women sexually by making some inappropriate physical advancements. The kind of accusation made is no different from the ones that have already been stated by other accusers of the governor.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave a statement with regard to her thoughts about sexual harassment when she appeared on a news channel. The 80-year-old speaker stated that they had taken some strong serious measures against the cases of sexual harassment on the floor of the lower house of the country. She precisely mentioned Jackie Speier, the Representative hailing from the state of California, saying that she was the leader of the initiative.

Regarding the case of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Pelosi stated that the statement given by her must be respected. She added that the nature of the accusations was very serious. The speaker also noted the fact that she approached for an investigation. 

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