Pat Sajak Is A Proud Father Of A Doctor

Pat Sajak
Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak, the host of the American television show, Wheel of Fortune, is a proud father. The host revealed over the show that Patrick Sajak, his son, is now a medical school graduate. This took place in the episode of Monday. The 74-year-old father expressed his pride in being a father of a doctor in the show.

Pat Sajak And Some “Parental Bragging”

Pat Sajak asked Vanna White, his co-host if he could carry out some “parental bragging.” and then he went on revealing the great news to her. He also mentioned the fact that Patrick Sajak was now “Dr. Sajak” which was extremely thrilling to the entire family. The host further revealed the hard part of the news. It was that the new graduate insisted the family call him “Dr. Sajak.” Pat Sajak and Lesley Sajak, his wife, share a total of children, Patrick Sajak, and Maggie Sajak.

The Wheel of Fortune host has had his own journey with doctors. He had to undergo emergency surgery in the year 2019. It was due to his “blocked intestine.” mentioning this, he joked that he did try to make his son be a geriatric doctor, but failed.  And then he called it a “personal thing.” and then Pat Sajak turned towards the camera and congratulated his son. 

Maggie Sajak took to the social media platform, Instagram to share the news of her elder brother. The photo she posted, revealed her hugging her brother from behind with a bright smile on both of their faces. The caption given by the younger daughter of Pat Sajak stated how proud she was for having a doctor brother. She stated that she was extremely proud of him. The picture revealed her in a maroon top paired with a printed skirt. Patrick Sajak wore a polo t-shirt with a pair of white shorts.