Josh Allen Signed By Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen
Josh Allen

Josh Allen has been signed by the Buffalo Bills. He seems to have been enjoying the time of his life. He got the news of his contract extension in the middle of the night. At about roughly 3:45 am, he was awakened by a call from the agent. Much to his delight, Josh Allen was informed that his contract has been extended. This extended contract also ranked Allen among the top earners in NFL. 

Josh Allen Signed For $258m

Allen was signed to a 6 year extended contract by the Bills. The representatives of Allen had been working hard since 10 in the night. After a fair deal of negotiations, the deal was almost confirmed. That is when they decided to break the news to Allen. 

Allen seemed very much happy after hearing the news. He immediately rang up his girlfriend to give her the news. He also conveyed the message to his parents. Despite having a practice session at 10 in the morning, he took time to speak with his loved ones. Allen stated that the excitement made it difficult for him to sleep. 

Josh was promised to be paid a guaranteed $150million. However, his contract has the highest capping of $258million. According to sources from ESPN, the amount of $150m is staggering. It was the highest single contract in the NFL. This contract broke the record of the previous highest by Pattrick Mahomes. Mahomes was the star athlete for the Kansas City Cheifs. His contract had a guaranteed amount of 141.5m. 

Josh Allen vowed to keep his focus intact. He promised to keep up with the good work. He said he was being paid handsomely because the team wanted him to carry on. Allen also expressed a desire of leading the team to a championship run soon.