Pennsylvania Senate Race Would Decide Congress Rule

Pennsylvania Senate Race
Pennsylvania Senate Race

The Pennsylvania Senate Race has certainly heated up enough, with a battle taking place between candidates of every sphere. There is a battle raging between the moderates and progressives in the Democratic party, while severe accusations of domestic violence have been labeled against a candidate that was endorsed by the previous President Donald Trump. There have been reports of a potential Television doctor entering the race, which has definitely set the entire race wide open as to who would rule Congress next year.

Pennsylvania Senate Race Shaping Up To Be Quite Interesting

The Republican side of the Pennsylvania Senate Race opened up last year when Senator Pat Toomey decided to announce that he would be retiring and not looking for another term.

Most of the Democratic candidates had major victories in the Senate as well as the gubernatorial races in 2018 midterms, but the reelection of Toomey in 2016 along with the last couple of presidential results in the Keystone State were races with a very narrow margin. Although Biden won the race in 2020, it was Donald Trump who won the elections in Pennsylvania in 2016. 

The Pennsylvania Senate Race for the next year has been declared to be a marquee midterm contest, with both the University of Virginia Center for Politics as well as the Cook Political Report considering it a toss-up. And if the current split of the Senate is to be considered, along with a map that could completely favor the Democrats, it is quite plausible that whoever wins the race in the Keystone state would control the Senate. 

The early frontrunner in name recognition, as well as fundraising for the Pennsylvania Senate Race, has been Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, who also served as the former mayor of Braddock- a town just outside Pittsburgh. 

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