Kyle Rittenhouse’s Defense In Shambles?

Kyle Rittenhouse
Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense that he acted in self-defense when he fatally shot a man in Kenosha last year could very well be a major testimony to the whole trial. But, it must also be considered that the accused knew that the victim, Joseph Rosenbaum, wasn’t unarmed- but the fact that the victim had told him earlier that he was going to kill him- along with constantly chasing him, made him afraid that Rosenbaum would take his firearm and use it to hurt other people.

Rittenhouse kept stating that he didn’t want to kill the teenager, alongside mentioning that he knew that pointing a rifle at someone was dangerous- but it was the fear for his own life that made him bend his moral compass. 

Kyle Rittenhouse- Self-Defense, or Manslaughter?

Kyle Rittenhouse testified that if he had let Rosenbaum take a hold of his firearm, he could have used it and killed quite a lot of people with it. It can be understood that the emotional, riveting, and high-stakes testimony is quite important for both sides of justice- with the prosecution attempting to show that Rittenhouse was illegally possessing a gun on the 25th of August, 2020, when he shot at four people out of which two died. On the other hand, his defense has been trying to prove that he simply acted in self-defense. 

The entire Rittenhouse saga has definitely led to major moments, with the accused breaking down in tears at a point in his testimony. Even the cross-examination of the prosecution led to some heated exchanges between the judge and the attorneys. Interestingly, Judge Bruce Schroeder had to ask the jury to leave the room due to an incriminating line of questioning from prosecutor Thomas Binger. 

It led to Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyers asking the judge to ordain a mistrial with prejudice over the incidents that were taking place inside the courtroom. The judge then responded that this motion would be taken under advisement.