Pentagon Reviews Intel Sharing After Damaging Internal Leak


Classified American government documents leaked on various sites around the world made it to the media last week. It could become the largest breach for the Pentagon in over a decade.

Government sources say the files were first shared online in January this year on Discord, the messaging platform. It made its way to a bigger group in the first week of March. The Pentagon docs leak finally became public after they were posted by a pro-Russian account on Telegram.

Officials are reviewing how they share their most sensitive secrets inside the government. Even more damaging for the US government is the fallout from the leak of dozens of classified documents.

Officials are also trying to pin down the exact source of the leak. They are trying to identify the person or the group that had the reach and the motivation to leak the Pentagon docs, say officials. This will come down as the most damaging security breach since WikiLeaks in 2013 when thousands of classified documents made their way into the public domain.

Leak Of Pentagon Docs Could Sour Relationship With Allies

A review of the Pentagon docs marked ‘Top Secret’ and ‘Secret’ reveal details of the military vulnerability of the Ukrainians and also secret information about America’s closest allies Israel, Turkey, and South Korea.

Pentagon and other government officials are spooked by the leak and are rushing to contain damages caused by the leak.

The documents offer a look into high-level US assessment of the war in Europe. Especially damaging is the leak of tactical intelligence regarding the movement of troops ahead of the spring offensive in Ukraine.

The documents have also revealed American intelligence that has targeted close allies including Israel and South Korea. The source of the Pentagon docs remains shrouded in mystery. Some of the documents appear to have been altered or doctored to depict a better picture of the Russian situation.  

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