Workplace App Slack, Is Now “Up And Running” After Global Outage On Monday


The start-up Slack, a new messaging app to use at the workplace, is among the range of technology that is trying to change the way we communicate formally.

The days of emails are bygone with fresh technological apps like Slack that help employers and employees maintain a constant, fluid, and more natural conversation taking up the game. Such apps have replaced the time-consuming, restrictive and jerky email exchanges.

We don’t have to assume this because we can see Slack’s success within the limited time it has been here. Despite being only 2 years old, this messaging app has now become one of the fastest growing B2B tech start-up companies in history.

However, the workplace app had a rocky rollout in the beginning of 2021. In the first week of this year, the company faced major global outages that disrupted the functioning of the app this Monday, January 4.

Slack Faces Global Outage In The Beginning Of The New Year

The outage turned out to be more disruptive for people because for many it happened once people came back to work after the long New Year’s holiday celebrations. One thing that can be specifically understood from this global outage of Slack is its popularity and how millions of people have come to rely on this messaging service in workplaces and schools and so on.

The issues appeared in various places like the US, India, Germany, Japan, the UK and so on. Immediately after the disruptions began, Slack posted a statement saying that their team is investigating the issues that might have caused the problem. It further requested users to follow their status site to get constant updates regarding the site.

After the breakdown of the chat service, Twitter went off. The outage happened around 10 p.m. ET and the company posted that the site is up and running again around 1 p.m. ET.