Peter King Gave Suggestions About Jimmy Garoppolo

peter king
peter king

There is no sign that Carolina Panthers even want to take Jimmy Garoppolo. Moreover, the San Francisco 49ers do not contain many trade options for them. Thus, they will choose to let go of the classic expert quarterback and the approximate salary of $25 million on their part. 

Peter King Gave His Opinion On The Trade Of Garoppolo

The market for a quarterback is getting over and the San Francisco 49ers are offering a higher price for Garoppolo than he deserves. All these decisions state that the team might put his pride aside and choose an option that will be less desirable to the team. 

Peter King from NBC Sports has some ideas and suggestions for the Panthers. Peter King said to Colin Cowherd that Garoppolo does not have a market for himself now and thus the 49ers are left with two choices. As per Peter King, the team can either trade Garoppolo with Sam Darnold from Carolina as it will be an improvement for Carolina, or can stay firm with Jimmy until a player from the team gets hurt. 

In case the Panthers remain uninterested for a while, the 49ers will have no option rather than wait till the last in the offseason. This long wait is just to find a quarterback as the team desperately needs one. San Francisco does not have any intentions to trade Garoppolo to their opponent team, Seattle Seahawks and moreover, they would ignore their decision to cut the outright quarterback. 

Furthermore, Peter King also commented that the decision of the 49ers to wait for Garoppolo is quite right as he would get much better and healthy by that time and he will be able to play with the ball properly again. The team should not just let opponents take him.

The quarterback just underwent surgery on his shoulders and this medical condition is not helping the team right now.