Andrew Cuomo’s Assault Investigation To Be Carried Out By Attorney General James

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

The inquiry of the sexual harassment accusations made on Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, will be taken over by Letitia James. She is the Attorney General of the state. She will now take full control over all the inquiries that are to be done. It is not a hidden fact that accusations pose a great threat to the administration of the state’s Governor.

Attorney General James had been involved with Andrew Cuomo before with regard to the case of the coronavirus pandemic. A report was released by her in the month of January 2021 that made a few claims on the governor. It said that the administration of the governor made a blunder with regard to the coronavirus death counts that took place in the nursing home. They had submitted a number that was way less than the actual count.

Andrew Cuomo Granted James’ Request

Andrew Cuomo made an announcement this Sunday with regard to the involvement of Attorney General James in his case. He stated that her request would be granted by him. The Attorney General too gave a statement following the announcement. She expressed her desire to be granted a referral. This would help in allowing her to speak on behalf of a law firm from the “outside.” This was needed in order to carry out an investigation of an independent and rigorous nature.

The two Democratic senators, Kristen Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer supported the involvement of Attorney General James in the ongoing case of the fellow Democratic Governor, Andrew Cuomo. The New York senators demanded the grant of investigative power so that there can be a transparent investigation.

According to sources, Attorney General James was not the first choice of Andrew Cuomo. He wanted Barbara Jones to be given the case. She is a former district judge of the United States of America.