Peter Navarro Convicted Of Showing Contempt Towards Congress

Peter Navarro

Peter Navarro, one of the former aides to Donald Trump, is facing a conviction of being contemptuous towards Congress. He had allegedly refused cooperation regarding an investigation into rumored efforts to change the results of the elections held in 2020. Prosecutors stated that Navarro acted beyond the scope of the law when he ignored a congressional investigation’s subpoena.

The Charges Against Peter Navarro

Peter Navarro can face imprisonment for a maximum of one year for each count of the two cases of contempt. Steve Bannon, another significant ally of Trump, was similarly convicted of being contemptuous towards Congress in the previous year.

On September 7th, Peter Navarro claimed that the day was extremely sad for America, as he stood outside the Washington DC court. He vowed to appeal for as long as he is allowed about the case, with the Supreme Court being the final step. Navarro claimed that this was the first instance in the American Republic’s history that a senior adviser of the White House, who is regarded to be the president’s alter ego, has ever faced this kind of alleged crime.

As an argument, Navarro claimed that there was a policy in the Justice Department that has existed for over half a decade that states that senior advisers of the White House cannot be forced into testifying before Congress. Despite that, Navarro said, they decided to bring the case. Following deliberations that lasted for 4 hours, the jury consisting of 12 members found him guilty, The trial preceding it had taken 2 days,

The lawyers of Peter Navarro are also intending to go forward with a mistrial motion on top of an appeal. They allege that the jurors exited the court while they were deliberating when they encountered protesters. Navarro was the senior adviser for trade to Donald Trump during his tenure as President.