Joe Burrow Agrees To Historic Contract Of $275M Making Him Highest-Paid Player

Joe Burrow

Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow has become the highest-paid player in the history of the National Football League. His agreed-upon contract extension will be worth $275M.   a five-year contract, the average value per year comes to $55 million for the quarterback. The stunning contract amount spent on one player includes a guaranteed amount of $219M. In perspective, the players whom Joe Burrows leapfrogged to his record-breaking contract got just $133.7M in guarantees.

Joe Burrows’ contract is as usual a five-year contract but the difference this time is the vast amount involved. Other players with a similar annual average value include Justin Herbert with a $262.5M deal, or $52.5M AAV, and Baltimore Lamar Jackson at $52M AAV. Joe Burrow was poised to overtake them all in the end. But the question remained by how much. For the Bengals, the deal is sweeter as the extension tacks on to his rookie deal. It means that the contract with Joe Burrow carries through the 29 season.

It Is A Win-Win Deal For Joe Burrow And The Bengals

It is destined to be a win-win deal for both Joe Burrow and the Bengals. The deal is expected to spread over 7 seasons. And over the coming 7 years, Joe Burrow will earn at least $316M, or around $45M per year. This includes his final year as a rookie and the 5th-year contract option signed by the Bengals this off-season. The Bengals have a better chance of a run for Tee Higgins and other players now that they have spread their money over 7 years. They are confident of roping in more players before the new season starts.

Even as they make a bid for Higgins, they have extended their contract with Logan Wilson. Higgins has 67 receptions in the first 3 seasons and has surpassed the thousand-yard receiving mark for the past 2 years. The Bengals have two more days to rope in Higgins and Burrow’s extension shouldn’t mar their chances of retaining the star receiver.