Peter Navarro Subpoenaed January 6 Select Committee Calls Up Trade Adviser To Trump

peter navarro
peter navarro

The Select Committee looking into the riots in the Capitol on January 6, 2021, subpoenaed the former trade adviser to Donald Trump. Peter Navarro was asked to submit records and testify as he had publicly discussed and written of the efforts made to advance a strategy that would either delay or even overturn the results of the presidential election in 2020.

Peter Navarro is part of a growing clutch of advisers to the former President who has been instructed to appear before and testify though it appears he would strive to avoid appearing by following the line repeated by other advisers. They would refer to Trump’s claim of privilege.

Representative Bennie Thompson said that Peter Navarro had information that appears directly applicable to the line of investigation by the Select Committee. The Chair of the panel said that over five hundred witnesses have come forward with information and the panel expected Navarro to follow suit.

Peter Navarro Calls Select Committee ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Thompson said that Peter Navarro had not shied away from discussing his role in the effort to negate the election results and had even spoken of the support of Trump in those plans.

Peter Navarro hit back with a statement of rejection of the request. He even question the legitimacy of the committee and directly blamed Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker for the Capitol violence on January 6.

He referred to members of the Select Committee as ‘domestic terrorists’ and reminded them that the former president had invoked Executive Privilege. It is not for him to waive it. He said that the committee should negotiate the matter with Trump and his lawyers.

Peter Navarro had even last year declined to work together with a House panel that was investigating the response by the Trump administration to the pandemic. He had then cited a direct instruction from the former President in claiming executive privilege.

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