Government Shutdown; Will That Be Prevented? 

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer, the majority leader of the US Senate, gave a statement on the government shutdown that is currently being talked about in the United States of America. It was stated that the two parties, the Republican and the Democratic Party, had come to an agreement. The agreement was made concerning the stopgap bill in order to make sure that the government did not lack funds at the beginning of December. 

Government Shutdown- Actions

The statement of Chuck Schumer was made on the 29th of September that fell on a Wednesday. It was also stated that the voting in order to prevent the government shutdown from happening will take place on the 30th of September. The Senate majority leader belonging to the Democratic Party stated that the stopgap bill includes provisions like fundings in case of natural disasters and the resettlement of Afghan refugees as well.

There is very little time left for government funding. However, the New York-based Democrat stated that the US Senate will give its approval on it as soon as possible. And it will then go to the floor of the White House to fetch the approval of the President. And all of this is to be done before the expiry of the funding. 

In order to prevent the government shutdown in the country, there have been numerous debates on the subject of the debt limit which was a major crisis. And even after everything, a particular date has not been decided on which the US Senate will cast its vote in order to steer clear of the government shutdown. Reports have also not been given on the date on which the stopgap bill will be presented on the floor of the White House.