Photo With Easter Bunny- A Safe Social Distance Away

the Vonesh family of Joliet
the Vonesh family of Joliet

Lockdowns can also seize the general fun during festivities. Many kids have also missed out on clicking photos with Easter bunnies. But the Vonesh family of Joliet had something else planned for their kids. 

Mary and Brandon Vonesh knew the Easter Bunny personally since their son’s birth two years ago, so they had invited him prior to Easter to their residence for a special Easter photo. After sharing this event with other people on social media, the response was great and around 120 people showed up at the event. “People still got their photos and kids got to tell the Easter Bunny what they wanted,” said Mary. 

Instead of lining up inside a store for a quick-pic, the children had their fun with the Bunny. The Vonesh family announced that they might repeat this event next year if the Bunny was free.

Except for one or two, none of the children questioned why this year the bunny was right at their house. they maintained a distance of 6 feet and neither the family nor the bunny man charged for the photos. 

This was a genuine gesture to bring smiles in hard times. 


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