Portland police detain two suspects after reported shooting near federal courthouse protest site

Portland authorities have reportedly arrested two individuals in relation to the gunshot that rang through the protestors’ encampment near the courthouse. The courthouse itself has been the site for violent confrontations between the civilians and the police. Most witnesses have accounted that there was a group of individuals already fighting when a shot rang out at 7.30 pm.

Police recorded their official statement as, “As police were securing the scene a person arrived at a hospital by private vehicle with an apparent gunshot wound, non-life-threatening.” However, they also mentioned seeing a bag filled with Molotov bottles, and rifles. While the police have already submitted the area to the protestors, they were forced to jump down when clashes erupted between themselves.

The last two months have seen intense rallies before the courthouse as waves and waves of protestors keep protesting against the death of George Floyd. Incidentally, while the federal authorities have been subjected to a barrage of fireworks, stones, and other projectiles, violence between protestors hasn’t been all that common.

This brings a strain of anxiety to many activists fighting for Black Lives Matter, for the main focus is slowly shifting from overhauling the entire Portland PD to demonstrations before federal buildings.