Hubble Just Took An Astonishingly Detailed Image Of Saturn

The Hubble Space Telescope that has spent more than 30 years orbiting 340 miles above Earth has recently done an incredible job in photography.

Although an aged satellite, it has not given up on quality work. As recent as earlier this month Hubble captured an incredible and crystal clear image of Saturn from 839 million miles away. The planet that usually looks like a pinprick with naked eyes is seen in all its shades and gas rings etc.

The image is not only pleasant to look at or just a wonderful photographic endeavor. It has also helped NASA learn new details about the planet. It captures two of Saturn’s 82 moons and scientists learn that there’s a slight red haze in the Northern Hemisphere which was not known until now.

The South Pole was seen to have a slightly blue haze and NASA speculates that these could suggest seasonal changes on Saturn.

The measurements NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has taken of tiny grains raining into the atmosphere of the planet suggest that its rings will last for about 300 million years more. This is one of the arguments claiming the young age of the ring system, according to Michael Wong, a planetary scientist.