LaMarcus Aldridge Suddenly Retires from NBA Post Heart Scare

lamarcus aldridge
lamarcus aldridge

LaMarcus Aldridge Brooklyn Nets center has recently taken to Twitter to make a public announcement regarding his retirement.

La Marcus Aldridge has decided to retire from basketball on 15th April, Thursday. This is mainly due to the reason that he has recently discovered that he is suffering from a heart problem.

Heart Condition Pushed LaMarcus Aldridge To Abrupt Retirement

LaMarcus Aldridge is a 35-year-old NBA player. This all-star basketball player tweeted that he has experienced some irregular and unstable heartbeat at the time of the game between the Nets game. The Lakers of Los Angeles had defeated the Brooklyn Nets last Saturday.

Aldridge also informed his fans that his heart problem has become worse since the game. This has led him to take an evaluation at the hospital the very next day.

The tweet of Aldridge stated that he has prioritized basketball for the past 15 years. However, he has decided that this is the time for him to prioritize his family and health before everything.

Aldridge also mentioned that he informed his teammates of his retirement the very next morning. He also informed them he will be getting a health check-up at a hospital that day. In addition, he shared his vulnerability through the tweet.

He shared that even though he feels physically much better at the moment, he never felt so scared for his life ever before. His heart condition that night of the game left him extremely scared for his life.

Aldridge has already been absent from the last 2 games. The Nets have cited the reason for a non-COVID 19 illness. His team manager and teammates have shown immense towards this decision. They have also wished him a healthy life.