Premier League Debutants Overjoyed


Primer League is one of the most ornamented leagues in sports history. A chance to play in it is a dream for many. It is no wonder that when a team gets to play for the English league they are excited. This is the story with Brentford FC. Brentford has qualified for the world’s topmost league. They are ready to challenge the top-flight athletes on the biggest stage. The club last appeared at the leagues way back in 1947. The people of Brentford are visibly excited and overjoyed. This incident appeared as a ray of light amidst the dark pandemic times. 

Premier League Newbies Brentford Celebrates

There are two places named Brentford. One is in the southern part of London. The other one is in South Dakota. The approximate distance from both places is 4173 miles. But distance does not seem to be hindering the wild celebrations of the supporters. Fans from both the Brentfords have come together to celebrate. They celebrated the inclusion of their team in the Premier League. This will be their first session in the league. 

The local people of Brentford SD seemed to be in a party mode from the morning. They wore jerseys and we’re glued to their TV sets. On Friday Brentford FC faced off against the big-name Arsenal. The live telecast of the game is available on NBCSN from 3 pm. You can also log on to NBCSports .com for streaming the match online. 

The Brentford SD came into existence in 1905. It was named after the English city because one of its founders was from England. He lived in Minneapolis. He suggested the name of the small town in South Dakota to be Brentford. It remains to be seen what surprises the Premier League has for the debutants this season.