Eric Johnson Could Be Switching Parties To Join The GOP

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson, the mayor of Dallas, recently announced on Friday that he would be switching parties, and will now be serving as the Republican-affiliated mayor of the city which leans heavily towards the blue. Although the entirety of the mayoral office in Dallas is nonpartisan, Johnson had previously worked as a Democrat in the Texas legislature.

Recently, he slammed the Democratic Party in an op-ed which was published in Wall Street Journal which was published on Friday, where he blamed the Democratic policies for increasing homelessness and crime. In the op-ed, he wrote that the future of the great urban centers of America depended heavily on the willingness of the mayors of the nation to champion law and order, as well as practice fiscal conservatism. He wrote that the cities desperately needed a genuine commitment to the principles- which had been a characteristic quite definitive of the GOP.

Eric Johnson Has Switched Seats To Support The GOP

Eric Johnson added that the cities in America needed Republicans- and the Republicans needed American cities. The announcement made by Johnson made him out to be the only Republican among the mayors of the 10 most populous cities in the country. Johnson was previously elected for a four-year term in May, with around 98% of the votes after he was first elected in 2019.

President Joe Biden had been the winner of the elections in Dallas County by more than 30 points in the election of 2020. The Texas Democratic Party, in response to Johnson’s inflammatory comments, issued a scating statement on Friday, where they accused Johnson of being dishonest with the voters of DallasThe chair- as well as the vice-chair of the party, stated that the voters deserved to know where Eric Johnson stood before he ran for reelection as the Mayor.