Premiere League January 23 Transfer Window Changed Scene

Premiere League
Premiere League

In the Premiere League, Some significant players, both positively and negatively — I see you, Joao Cancelo — have now arrived and left after spending money. Some people were unable to even achieve that due to society’s preferred Achilles’ heel: a computer error. The fax machines are happy everywhere.

Mase begins one of the best intros in hip-hop history with these words: “Who is now hot and who is not? Who sells out in the stores and who rocks?”, are you in better or worse shape now than you were before all this money and pointless spending? Let’s start now.

The Premiere League spent over $800 million in January, which is a staggering sum. So much so that even after including the expenditures of the top 10 European Premiere League, it wouldn’t even come close. It was a significant improvement above the previous January record, which was a pitiful $528m established in 2018.

Chelsea tops Premiere League Spendings

Unsurprisingly, Chelsea spent the most in Premiere League, well over $400 million. Todd Boehly genuinely won’t stop until you see his name on a blimp, as Mase attested to. Fair enough, I’m not sure whether Graham Potter feels that way, and from talking to Chelsea supporters, I don’t even believe they’ll care if they finish in the top four.

Potter is a good manager, but I believe that right now he is feeling a little overawed by the players at his disposal. Possibly, as time progresses. The truth is that Chelsea is currently 10th and 10 points outside of a Champions League position, so I can’t really properly bring them up while discussing the top four.

Mase advises us to maintain our modesty at the conclusion of the first line, but we soon see him in a dark tunnel lit by fluorescent bulbs while wearing a really odd reflective jumpsuit, so I don’t believe I’m taking his advice at face value. I also won’t agree that time is necessary for Boehly’s grand scheme to dominate the Premier League.

However, from a footballing standpoint, Chelsea, who are out of both cups and are due to face a challenging game against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League, must at the very least secure European status this season. No? If not, I believe Potter would lose his position in the summer. More crucially, they would also have to say goodbye to the Champions League TV rights’ $100 million or more revenue infusion into the event.

I find it difficult to completely include Liverpool in the Premiere League top-four discussion, and I think, considerable work must be done off the field before problems on it can be resolved. They finished ninth in the Premiere League, are eliminated from both domestic cup tournaments, and face Real Madrid, a team that Liverpool despises, in the Champions League. They resemble the proverbial gum stuck to Klopp’s shoe sole.

Stability is now the most crucial requirement, and finding a solution will take longer than this season in Premiere League. The fact that nobody has fully committed to purchasing the club from Fenway Sports Group at this time.