President Biden Moves Forward In Annulling The Architectural Plans Of Trump

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

The president of the United States of America annulled an executive order that was projected by the then president, Donald Trump. The order was given with regard to the promotion of the federal civic architecture. It had been signed in the month of December. This was not the only thing President Biden annulled. A lot of other orders passed by the ex-president met with the same fate.

When it came to architecture, Donald Trump had his own principles. He favoured old forms of architecture over modern ones. He gave negative terms to those federal buildings that had modern styles. He called them ugly and uninspiring. Those buildings were built in the last fifty years.

President Biden’s Executive Orders

There is no specific information that has been extracted yet concerning the orders of President Biden. However, instructions have been provided to the Office of Management and Budget director and various other departments. They are told to start considering taking actions against the orders given by Donald Trump. It includes any kind of orders under which the orders of Trump will start getting implemented.

President Biden also stated his demands with regard to the abolishment of the committees created. This refers to those committees that are formed in order to carry out the plans of the ex-president, Trump. There is a specific committee that is getting affected directly by President Biden’s order. It is the council on improving the federal civic architecture. This had come into form after the executive order of the then-president.

The executive orders given by President Biden may cause a rift between his administration and the Commission of Fine Arts of the country. The commission is an independent one that was established in the year 1910.

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