LA Dodgers Move To The Brink Of Elimination

LA Dodgers

The LA Dodgers are just a game away from a premature end to their season. The Blue Crew failed to cash in on repeated opportunities and now have dug a daunting 2-game pit in their best-of-5 playoff series. They are back on the brink of elimination now after facing a 4-2 defeat in their second game of the NLDS. The loss puts them in a precarious position and leaves them with little chance of a post-season. They are faced with the daunting prospect of 3 straight wins or a NLDS exit for the second straight season.

They go into game 3 in Phoenix this Wednesday. And even before the game, it appears that they have given up the fight. Manager Dave Roberts summed it up when he admitted that they had their backs against the wall. With no more margin for errors, he said the LA Dodgers would need to make some immediate and major adjustments.

The current predicament of the LA Dodgers will lead to some blame-sharing. A couple of wretched starts have decimated an already unusual pitching plan followed by Bobby Miller’s 5-out clunker in the second game. This again follows Clayton Kershaw’s 6-run, 1-out disaster in the first game with a 3-run.

It Has Been A Collective Team Failure By The LA Dodgers

Further, the LA Dodgers’ superstar pair of Freddie Freeman and Mookie Betts were totally missing. The MVP candidates managed just a hit. It was one infield single by Freddie Freeman in the first innings on Monday.

And what has proved to be all the more worrying is that no other plays have been there to pull on the loose end. The LA Dodgers earlier outpaced the D-backs by an incredible 16 games in their regular season. That had made them the collective favorites in this series. The LA Dodgers are not finished though. They have some precedent to fall back on after a two-game hole in the best-of-5 series. But it has happened just ten out of 88 times previously.