President Biden Visited Texas In The Absence Of The State’s Senator, Ted Cruz

President Biden
President Biden

The political divide of the United States of America came into the forefront this Friday. While president Biden made his way into Texas, the state senator, Ted Cruz, made his way out. The president visited there in order to show his support during the harsh winter days. And the senator had a nice and warm time in the state of Florida. Not only that, but he also cracked a joke about his vacation in Mexico.

President Biden Was Accompanied By Jill Biden

President Biden seems to be fulfilling his promises made in the election campaign. He had emphasized empathy while he campaigned. Following that, he also visited Houston. He was accompanied by Jill Biden, the first lady. Both of them made their presence in the disaster affected areas of the region. President Biden has been making visits since the took the office on the 20th of January.

The harsh winter in Texas took away lives as well. A total of 40 people succumbed to the severity of the weather. There were several cases of a power outage. Also, many houses were flooded due to the burst of the frozen pipes.

President Biden chose his primary stop to be an operations centre for emergencies. There was a briefing that took place there. It was carried out by the acting administrator of Fema, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Bob Fenton. Some officials of the management of the state and local emergencies also had a part to play.

President Biden expressed his gratitude towards the workers. He also gave a humble term to their contribution towards society. He called it “God’s work”. Later, he went on to join the first lady at the food bank.

President Biden gave out a speech at the vaccination site of Fema. He stated that everybody has to look after one another irrespective of the political party they associate themselves with.