Jeremy Lin’s Claims Of Racism To Be Looked Into By The G League

Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin spoke out on an incident of racial attack he faced at a game. He mentioned that he was referred to as the “coronavirus”. Following this incident, the G League is taking the necessary actions. This information is given by Mark J. Spears, an official from the league itself. It was done so this Friday.

The former NBA player, Jeremy Lin, took to the social media platform, Facebook to make his claims. He stated some facts with regard to the racism that is still prevalent in the country. the player claimed that the community of Asian American is still targeted by racists. He also went on to give some examples to make his claims. The Santa Cruz Warriors player shared his own personal experiences.

Jeremy Lin Is Supported By Coach Kerr

Jeremy Lin pointed out the fact that he, being an NBA player for 9 years, was not sparred of racist comments. He did not mention the exact date the incident took place. No one is sure if that took place in Florida, in the bubble of the G League.

Steve Kerr, the coach of the team, the Golden State, showed his support for Jeremy Lin. He urged the NBA to take action against the case. He took over the social media platform, Facebook, to make his case. The coach applauded the initiative taken up by Jeremy Lin for the benefit of his community.

The 32-year-old Lin is the first NBA player of Chinese descent. He was born in the United States of America. He made his way into the team, the Warriors, in the season of 2010-2011. Since then, he is famous for his “hot scoring stretch”. With his talent, Jeremy Lin got his team to win the season of 2011-12.