Joe Biden To Convey State Of The Union Address: First Time Before A Divided Congress

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For the first time in his term, American President Joe Biden will be delivering one of the most important speeches during his tenure. It comes during a period of division in Congress as well as the country. On the external front, the country is facing complex policy challenges, particularly linked to the Russian-Ukraine war and its relationship with China.

It will be Joe Biden’s second SOTU address at a combined session of the American Congress. The address will be at the US Capitol this Tuesday at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. The White House always streams the speech live.

Joe Biden’s speech will likely be dominated by themes and ideas that the US President has long believed in. it would be one of striving to work together, asserting the role of America on the world stage, and providing the American middle and working class a boost.

It could be among Joe Biden’s biggest speeches as he moves into his third year as US president. It comes at a difficult time for him and the nation as it remains politically divided. Biden lost control over the House of Representatives after the midterms in November 2022, though he managed to retain control over the Senate, even managing to better his previous score by a seat.

The Origin Of The Speech By Joe Biden

Biden is reported to be working on his SOTU speech, including the manner of delivery. Joe Biden remains the 1st among modern American presidents to possess a marked stutter, something he has managed to navigate since childhood.

The formal base of the State Of The Union address by Joe Biden remains in the American Constitution itself. According to the Constitution, the President periodically gives to Congress information about the SOTU and endorses to their contemplation measures that the president judges to be expedient and necessary.