Presidential Debate: Republican Party Signals Plans To Withdraw

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The Republican Party has decided to withdraw from traditional US Presidential Debate, as they believe the debates are biased against this party. This was first reported by the New York Times, which cited a letter sent on Thursday by the Republican National Committee to the Commission on Presidential Debates.

This commission was established in 1987, as a non-partisan entity that would ensure for the benefit of the American electorate- where the general election debates between or among the candidates who have been leading or the offices of the President and the vice-President- who would serve as a permanent part of the electoral process.

Presidential Debate sees Republican party Withdrawing From It

The last elections saw Donald Trump making headlines with an aggressive performance in the first Presidential debate in Ohio. The second debate was subsequently canceled after Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19 and the CPD thought about moving the event online. Trump and the Republicans had further protested that doing so would definitely help Joe Biden. 

The final Presidential debate had taken place in Nashville, Tennessee as planned with Biden being declared the winner by a large margin. A vice-presidential kerfuffle also took place between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris also went ahead- which took place in Salt Lake City. In the December of 2021, the Guardian had first revealed the stunning news of Trump testing positive, but concealing the result- which did potentially put Biden’s life in danger. 

Among Republican complaints in 2020 was that the first Presidential debate took place on the 29th of September, almost a month before the day of the elections but after almost a million votes had been cast already.