Joe Biden’s Patriotic Speech On The Anniversary Of The 2021 Capitol Riot

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On Thursday, 6th January, Joe Biden delivered a powerful speech filled with patriotism. The day marked the Capitol riots’ first anniversary. 

Joe Biden’s Speech Gives Us The True Meaning of Patriotism 

Joe Biden’s speech had many outstanding moments but hands down the most remarkable quote was: “You can’t love your country only when you win.” 

This quote is a true reflection of where we are as a society and reminds us of the true meaning of patriotism. Patriotism means putting all personal feelings aside and doing what is right for the nation 

For the four years, Donald Trump was in power, the Trump administration believed that America was the most superior country and other leaders were scared to admit it. Trump believed that they were making America bow down and show themselves in a lesser light to other nations.

In reality, the only special distinction about the United States is the calm handing over of authority every 4 years. However, Trump’s government seemed to not understand this idea. 

When enquired about why Donald Trump was not mentioned in the speech, President Joe Biden said that the speech was not about somebody being the President or the Vice President. It is not at all about the person in that post. It is, in reality, about someone who attempts to put everything below himself and the system. 

Patriotism can be compared to sportsmanship. It is not about being kind in victory, it is very easy to do. The real challenge lies in being gracious even in defeat. The same principle can be applied to patriotism. It is easy for one to love their country when they win but it is difficult to maintain the same attitude when they lose, said Joe Biden 

Real patriotism is about working in harmony with your team and your opponents alike to make the country a better place, regardless of whether your interests are being met or not.