Kyrsten Sinema Has Doubled Down On Supporting The Filibuster

Kyrsten Sinema
Kyrsten Sinema

Last Thursday saw Senator Kyrsten Sinema stating that she would not be voting to weaken the 60-vote filibuster of the Senate. This has led to the party leaders buckling yet again while dealing quite a major blow to the election reform effort that the Democrats were planning on upholding.

The comments, which are quite a in sync with Sinema’s long-held stance on the filibuster, will effectively serve as the final nail in the coffin of the longshot effort of the Democrats to pass two continuous election bills over the unified opposition of the Senate GOP.  

Kyrsten Sinema Is In Support Of the Filibuster

In her statement, Senator Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic Representative from Arizona, mentioned that there was absolutely no need for me to restate her longstanding support for the 60-vote threshold to pass the legislation.

There was also no need for her to restate her role in protecting the country from such vociferous reversals of federal policy. The harried discussions that took place this week about the rules of the Senate are nothing but a poor substitute for what she beloved could have and should have been a public debate- at any time over the last year. 

Senator Kyrsten Sinema further added that the legislative filibuster is nothing more than a tool that requires new policies of a federal nature to be broadly supported by Senators- which would represent the broader cross-section of Americans, bringing forth demands to eliminate this threshold from whichever party holds the majority amount to a group of people that are on opposite sides of the canyon- as they bring out their solution to their colleagues. 

Any major changes to the filibuster would need all of the 50 Senate Democrats on board- and with Kyrsten Sinema taking a hard stance in favor of it- it seems impossible.