Prince Harry And His Docuseries Exposing Lives

prince harry

Recently released Netflix docuseries of Prince Harry and His wife Meghan Markle give us an insight into their lives and the incidents that occurred. This docuseries might reveal some unsettling incidents that took place between the royals and the royal new King Charles III and Buckingham palace bot commented anything on this.

Prince Harry Setting An Example For His Children To Know About His life

Since the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, things have not been easy or the royals tried to make it comfortable for them. However, in Prince Harry’s own voice the whole world has totally different idea of what has happened and why they departed from the royal family. And the main motive behind this was to give the exact scenarios that took place. The docuseries was an idea of a friend of the couple. The docuseries would be able to provide an idea of who they are as a person, outside the royal tag.

Liz Garbus is behind the docuseries. It shows the night of the engagement and the wedding, Meghan’s arrival at Buckingham palace meeting the Late Queen. Not only Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were interviewed but Meghan’s co-actors and actresses were too. Meghan Markle felt outcast at Buckingham palace.

Meghan Markle’s mother shared her views on her daughter, and how challenging it has been raising her. Prince Harry was a ‘handsome man with red hair who made her daughter happy and they looked good together.

The docuseries reveals their life in Los Angeles and their phenomenal lifestyle. And of course Princess Diana, the princess of wales, who loved their two boys to death, and her confrontations with paparazzi when Prince Harry was young and on vacation somewhere in Europe at a ski place. Where their privacy was interrupted by the media. And what Prince Harry been through at 12 years old after losing his one and only support his mother.

Prince Harry is doing really hard to be the best father to his children, his elder one Archie’s footage shows how cranky he is with dirty feet, and keeps complaining. Prince Harry’s only complaint is regarding the paparazzi, and how miserable they have made his life.

The whole docuseries is divided into episodes, but however, the couple didn’t disclose the main reason behind leaving the royal family, that’s something the whole world has to live with. The suspense will remain Suspense.