Infrastructure Bill Worth $1.2Tn Gets The Senate’s Approval

Infrastructure bill
Infrastructure bill

The infrastructure bill that was introduced on the floor of the US Senate proved to be a huge achievement for the politicians of the country. The total amount of the said bill is 1.2 trillion USD. The bipartisan bill has been possible after several months of negotiations that did not lead the country anywhere. However, it still needs to be officially approved by the representatives of the House. It has been stated that the bill will provide a total of 550 billion USD over a span of five years.

Infrastructure Bill Details 

Several things are to be covered by the infrastructure bill. The five most important of all are –

  1. School buses- a part of the fund from the bipartisan bill will be invested in electric vehicles. This would ensure a clean, zero-emission-based vehicle that will be totally made and produced in the United States of America. To do that, the federal government will be investing a total of 7.5 billion USD in the project. The vehicle chargers will also be made available through the infrastructure bill.
  2. Taxed transactions on cryptocurrencies- this provision was added in the last stage of the finalization of the bipartisan bill. As per the estimations, the government will raise about 28 billion USD from the taxes.
  3. Work on Racial Discrimination- about 1 billion USD has been separated from the infrastructure bill to work on the system of racial discrimination. It aims to reconnect all the disconnected neighborhoods of the community of the Blacks.
  4.  Delay the drug implementation rule- to raise the funds for the spending, the controversial rule on drugs introduced by former President Donal Trump will be delayed.
  5. Upgrade the broadband network- about 65 billion USD has been demarcated to improve the nation’s broadband infrastructure.