American Dad Will Return Again

American Dad
American Dad

American Dad is one of the most popular television series of recent times. The show is an animated cartoon series that has a vast audience. It was originally designed to be aired on the Fox Network. However, currently, the series is televised on TBS. The show centers around Stan Smith. 

Smith is portrayed as an agent of the CIA. He takes great pride in his country. Smith is ready to do anything for the sake of his country. However, there is a comical twist to the plot. The family of Smith is very much disorganized.

 As a result, most of the time, Smith’s plans fail. Stan is portrayed as an individual who is unable to separate his personal and professional life.  He is shown to treat his family members the same way as he behaves at the office. This sort of behavior is often harmful to the family environment. 

Francine is portrayed as a loyal wife. She is a simple woman and has exceptional faith in Stan. Her undying loyalty prevents her from protesting against Stan’s arrogance. However, his daughter is an independent woman. She stands up for herself and does not let her father off the hook easily. Let us learn more about the series in detail below. 

American Dad Future Seasons Confirmed 

American Dad is a hugely popular series nowadays. Looking at the crowd reaction, the showrunners have decided to continue the series further. Upcoming seasons of eighteen and nineteen have been confirmed by TBS. Adrienne O’Riain has praised the scriptwriters significantly. 

American Dad awaits its release for the seventeenth season. Not many series have been able to run this long. Thus, the producers can certainly ask for more seasons of the show. American Dad Season seventeen will air on 24th January 2022.