2020-2021 Toyota Yaris GR Modified: Small But Hot Hatch For The Motorsports Enthusiasts

Toyota Yaris GR
Toyota Yaris GR

Toyota has released many new car varieties and models, but the 2021 Toyota Yaris was more favoured than the rest. A short ride with the GR Yaris and you’ll think it runs without an engine: its engine is disappointingly quiet. The All-New Toyota GR Yaris is a complete deviation from the 2020 Toyota Yaris model. From the body structure, engine power to interior comfort, everything is different.    

Analyzing the engines powertrain, body weight and the security features, the 2021 Toyota Yaris wasn’t manufactured for the ordinary but rally enthusiasts. In Toyota’s lineup, it’s the most recent in-house inspired motorsports car. Its stability is enhanced by the added extra track width. 

2021 Toyota Yaris GR Exterior/Interior Design And Features 

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As the body is made by a combination of carbon-fibre polymer and aluminium to keep weight at a minimum, the rear features a performance exhaust. Even though the hatch is hotter in the 2021 Yaris compared to the 2020 Yaris, the front and rear appearance do not fall far apart. Missing at the rear is a wiper, which isn’t a norm for a rally car. 

The 5-seater hatchback interior is well packaged to suit a rally car. The instrumentation, steering wheel and the darkened sports seats in Yaris GR are familiar.  

Other features in the 2021 Yaris interior are Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, HD/Satellite Radio with a six-speaker entertainment system and Bluetooth. Only the size of the infotainment touch screen is different. Seating at the back seat, the headroom doesn’t go well with adults. 

2021 Toyota Yaris GR Engine And Specifications 

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To maintain the all-wheel-drive system in high motion, Toyota Yaris is equipped with a 1.6L inline 3-cylinder turbocharged engine. It produces an amazing 268 horsepower that can sprint Yaris from 0-60 mph in 5 seconds at a speed of 143mph. Its torque is quoted to be 265 Nm.  

 Yaris drivers have the option to choose between the 3 drive modes: the Normal that sends 60% torque forward, the Track mode splits the torque equally and the Sport mode gives the rearward 70 per cent of the torque. 

Toyota has utilized the nicest 6-speed manual transmission system on Yaris GR. It has an electronically controlled clutch that diverts rearward torque at the transmission.    

Toyota Yaris GR Safety Features   

To top its niche status, Yaris features the best safety systems and technologies. Its logically aligned buttons make playing with the control switches fun. Engaging the driver assist systems using the buttons is fast. Despite lacking the ANCAP safety rating, it’s equipped with adaptive cruise control, lane-tracing assist and autonomous emergency braking system with cyclist detection. 

This four-door hatchback other safety systems include Low-speed pre-collision system, six airbags, engine immobilizer and tire pressure monitor system.  


At a price of THB 539,000 – 649,000, you can own a new Toyota Yaris. Whether you select the new Yaris or any of its variations, you’ll still enjoy smooth rides on all terrains. The 2020 Toyota Yaris carries a low horsepower engine, which is the exact opposite with the 2021 Toyota Yaris.  

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