Discussing PRTK Stock After Receiving A Consensus ‘Buy’ Rating From Analysts


Paratek Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: PRTK) shares have received an average ‘buy’ recommendation from 9 brokerages. The company has an $18.40, 12-month price objective.

On Friday, Paratek Pharmaceuticals stock started from $7.14 in the stock market with the market cap being $325.88B, -2.38 PE quotient, and 1.34 beta. Their lowest in 1 year is $2.50 while the highest is $7.27. Their 50-day rolling average stands at $6.05 with the 200-day at $5.24.

According to the 5th November report, the company had a quarterly EPS earnings of $0.46, surpassing the $0.61 consensus estimate by $0.15. Their quarterly revenue was $13.66M that surpassed the $11.89M estimate. Paratek is expected to release an EPS of -1.78 for the present year.

Ventures Of PRTK Stock

BidaskClub decreased the rating of PRTK stock to ‘hold’ from ‘buy’ on 17th December. Zacks Research demoted it to a rating of ‘sell’ from ‘hold’ on 14th October. ValuEngine decreased it to a rating of ‘hold’ from ‘buy’ on 17th September while HC Wainwright raised the price objective of Paratek Pharmaceuticals to $22 from $19 and issued a rating of ‘buy’ on 9th November.

Evan Loh, the CEO, sold off 26,415 PRTK shares at $6.71 EPS worth $177,244.65 on 14th December. William Haskel, General Counsel, sold off 4,814 PRTK shares at $6.95 EPS worth $33,457.30. 7.70% stock of the company is owned by insiders. Fifth 3rd Bancorp bought a new position in the stock of Paratek Pharmaceuticals in Q3, owning $38,000 worth of shares. BNP Paribas raised their holdings by 346.4% in Q3 and now own shares priced at $50,000. Administration State Board of the Retirement System of Florida purchased a new stake in Q2 and presently owns shares priced at $56,000. Cutter&Co Brokerage bought a new position in Q2, presently owning $64,000 worth of shares. AQR Management bought a new stake in Q2, owning shares priced at $64,000. Institutional investors own 46.77% PRTK stock.