Bryce Young Hurts His Shoulder, But Not Severely

Bryce Young

Bryce Young, the starting quarterback for Alabama and the current Heisman Trophy legend suffered a shoulder injury in the 1st half of the 49-26 victory over Arkansas on Saturday.  Bryce walked into the medical tent, hurled his helmet in fury, and then headed toward the locker room. To accompany him, his parents got up from their places in the audience.

The injury is not thought to be critical, according to Alabama coach Nick Saban, who claimed Young was allowed to come back to the sideline. Saban stated Bryce is alright and that he isn’t badly hurt. Saban did not believe Young had much steam left in him when tossing the ball, and he said they didn’t think he could rejoin the game. He has previously experienced these injuries, and after some days, he starts to recover rather well. All that can be done is wait and watch how things progress.

Bryce Young Is Supported By Nick Saban And Jalen Milroe

Before getting hurt, Bryce Young, who might be selected in the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft, finished 7 out of 13 throws on 173 yards, a touchdown, along with an interception. Despite being in full regalia and watching from the sidelines in the 2nd half, he didn’t snap a picture.

Jalen Milroe, the backup, finished 4 of 9 throws over 65 yards with a touchdown after coming off the bench. On six carries, he added 91 yards with a touchdown on the field. According to Milroe, Young advised him only to be calm and composed.

They have a tremendous rapport, Milroe remarked. When queried how and why the offense altered with the addition of Milroe, Saban joked that he was going to phone Jimbo Fisher later and inform him, in reference to the Texas A&M coach.

On Saturday, Alabama will host Texas A&M in Tuscaloosa. Last year, the Aggies defeated the Crimson Tide at College Station. Bryce Young is the only one of his kind in their country and is undoubtedly fantastic, as per Saban.

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