PSG Goes Out Of The UCL On A Margin Of 3 Goals


Mauricio Pochettino, PSG, boss, didn’t blame Kylian Mbappe’s absence for his team’s loss to Manchester City. 22-year-old Kylian Mbappe was not part of the playing eleven in the PSG squad. The team lost out to Manchester City, with an aggregate of 4-1 in the Champions League semi-finals 2021. Mbappe didn’t play for a single minute due to his calf injury which ruled him out of the playing eleven. 

PSG Boss Do Not Blame Mbappe’s Absence For The Loss

Mauricio Pochettino took over the club in January and has been winning the hearts of most PSG fans. After the loss, he said that Manchester City was very clinical in their approach! He congratulated his opponent for having an amazing and fantastic season in all respects. He was previously the coach of Tottenham when they qualified for the UCL finals in 2019 but lost out to Liverpool. Pochettino said that the absence of Kylian from the team shouldn’t be an excuse for going out of the competition. 

He added that all of them are a team, but it is unlucky that Kylian couldn’t help the team because of his injury. He refuses to use it as an excuse since the overall performance of his team was not that bad. He said that they started the game with a lot of intensity playing well and dominating their opponent by creating numerous chances. The boss of PSG said that it is not very easy to take on Manchester City in a UCL semi-final. He also stated that oftentimes, luck is a major deciding factor in football. He admitted that PSG was pressing very high when City scored their first goal of the night.