Tom Wilson Not Disciplined Enough By The League: NY Rangers

tom wilson

NY Rangers are not happy with the decision of the league to not suspend Tom Wilson. The NY Rangers have also appealed to the league for removing the NHL head of the department that overlooks player safety, George Parros. 

This appeal comes after the NHL league decided not to suspend Tom Wilson, the forward of the Washington Capitals. He was due for a suspension because of a couple of incidents that took place in the game which occurred on Monday night. Tom Wilson, the forward of Washington Capitals punched Pavel Buchnevich, the forward of the Rangers on the backside of his head while he was lying facedown on the freezing ice on Monday night.

All of this happened during the 2nd half of the game between the Washington Capitals and the NY Rangers which the Capitals won by the score of 6-3. The NY Rangers cannot come to terms with the fact that Tom Wilson managed to escape his suspension after acting violently and horrifyingly at the Madison Garden. 

Panarin Is Now Injured Because Of Tom Wilson

Later in the game, while being involved in a scrum, Tom Wilson further threw Artemi Panarin, the star forward of the NY Rangers, on the ice. The team has officially stated that it is shocking that a player like Wilson with a history of being involved in violent acts and being a consistent repeat offender managed to escape suspension. They are appalled at the fact that the Player Safety Department and the NHL didn’t manage to suspend him for an indefinite time and take the appropriate and necessary steps. The NY Rangers also added that because of the reckless and dangerous action of Tom Wilson, Artemi Panarin is now injured and ruled out from playing this season. 

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