Stimulus Check Statistics Revealed By The IRS

Stimulus check
Stimulus check

The numerical figures derived from the department of the IRS reveal information on the citizens who received up to 1,400 USD hecks from the third round of the stimulus checks. The list is quite surprising for many people. The ones with a gross adjusted income of more than 200,000 USD have had cuts in their checks. The concerned department stated that a total of  127,751 payments were made to all the taxpayers that fell under that category. The total amount was 392.3 USD.

Stimulus Check Confusion

The total payments made under the economic impact were 163.5 million. It was the third round of stimulus checks provided to the people. The total amount of all the payments were 389.9 billion USD. It is a shocking fact for the taxpayers to receive any form of financial aid due to the factors under the eligibility list that came under the third round of payments. The third round of the stimulus checks was given when the American Rescue Plan was passed by the US Congress in the month of March. 

As per the provided payments, 1400 USD were to be given for one adult and the same amount for one child in a household. However, there were certain requirements that were to be met by both the families and individuals in order to qualify for the payments. The full payments were provided to those people who had their gross income up to 75,000 USD for individual members, a total of 112,500 USD for the head of the family, and about 150,000 USD for the married couples who are going for a joint filing. The reason why some citizens having income about the required parameters received the stimulus checks may be because of the 2019 returns.  

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