Putin Spokesman Is Hospitalized With COVID-19 As Coronavirus Cases Spike In Russia

Vladimir Putin
vladimir putin

Russia is currently announcing more cases of coronavirus than any country except the U.S, after a flood in cases vaulted it past both Spain and the U.K. In another new turn of events, President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov has affirmed he’s being dealt with for coronavirus.

“Yes, I have fallen ill,” Peskov stated. “I am receiving treatment.”

He also said that the last time he saw Russian President Vladimir Putin in person was from more than a month. Peskov’s significant other, Tatyana Navka, said by means of Instagram that she was additionally wiped out and that she and Peskov were hospitalized after the main side effects were recognized to ensure their family members from infection.

Navka said that while her case is as of now loosing, her husband’s condition is more complex. She did not elaborate.

Peskov is the most recent high-positioning individual from Putin’s administration to test positive for COVID-19. Executive Mikhail Mishustin declared his coronavirus condition under about fourteen days back. The leaders of Russia’s development and culture services have additionally tried positive for the lethal illness, as The Moscow Times notes.

When Mishustin revealed his diagnosis on April 30, Russia was over the 100,000-case mark. It has now dramatically increased that amount, with 232,243 cases as of Tuesday, as indicated by information arranged by Johns Hopkins University.

News about Peskov’s condition and a spike in coronavirus cases come a day after Putin led a prominent discussion about how Russia may have the option to start rising up out of a wide financial shutdown that started on March 30.

For over about a month and a half, the nation was in a compulsory “non-work period,” in which Putin decreed workers would, in any case, get their ordinary wages. However, that ended on Monday.

“Critics say authorities are putting lives at risk by opening too soon. They also question numbers put forth by a government task force that insists Russia’s mortality rate from COVID-19 remains far lower than global averages — at under 1% with just over 2,000 lives lost,” Charles Maynes reports from Moscow for NPR’s Newscast unit.

At Monday’s meeting, Putin said he needs his bureau to search for approaches to assist activities with continuing in “backbone industries, for example, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, communication, and energy. However, he included that each Russian district should settle on its own choices on slackening limitations, in light of guidance from clinical specialists, conditions in their general vicinity, and the capacity to guarantee clean and safe conditions as individuals get back to work.

“Jumping ahead too soon would be reckless and dangerous. At the same time, sitting idly and evading responsibility is not an option,” Putin stated.

“It is a question of choosing between Scylla and Charybdis,” the president continued, representing the dubious task of adjusting the contending requirements for financial movement and individual security by inspiring the fearsome monsters from Greek mythology who involved inverse sides of the Strait of Messina.

“I ask you to take this as seriously as possible,” Putin said to his ministers.