New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu Believes Trump Doesn’t Hold Much Sway Anymore

Chris Sununu

Chris Sununu considers the GOP presidential primary an even chance and doesn’t believe that Trump holds the power he earlier held. The New Hampshire Governor has been considered a contender and thinks that Trump can be beaten in the Republican primary. “He is not clearing the field,” he says.

Flaunting brash confidence, Chris Sununu has emerged as one of the more popular Republican leaders in America. While other GOP contenders struggled, he won in New Hampshire convincingly by over 15 percentage points. And he believes that his win has come about by listening to the problems his electorate face. Not by raking up cultural topics.

Chris Sununu Evades Talks Of His Running For The Presidency

He dismisses Trump’s chances in this primary and says that he is not the influence that he thinks. Chris Sununu is clear that some GOP leaders need to learn the basic tenets of politics.

The charismatic politician has often been projected as a likely contender for the presidential elections in 2024. He said that the elections were not lost or won just because of Trump. Many Republican leaders used him as a way to get their message across. And Trump was just a part of it. And that was not something the voters want. He is clear about the basics. He said that candidates should listen more to the problems of every domination of voters.

Chris Sununu says that other candidates have just a strong chance of making it in the primaries. He speaks of Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor as a strong contender for the presidential primaries. He says that an argument could be made for DeSantis beating Trump.

Chris Sununu evades talks of his being among the contenders for the primaries. He says that he was not considering it at the moment. But he speaks of governors overall and says that they are generally suited well to run for the top job as they have executive leadership abilities.