Kamala Harris Advances Towards The Realm Of Foreign Policies

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Kamala Harris, the first female vice-president of the United States of America, reached out to one of the foreign leaders this Tuesday. The communication that took place between them was independent of Joe Biden, the president of America. This is not the first time that the vice-president has communicated with a foreign leader.

The meeting took place between Erna Solberg, the Norway prime minister and the American vice-president. The motive behind the meeting was to deepen the already strong alliance that lies between the two countries, the United States of American and Norway. Kamala Harris claimed that she would work towards strengthening the ties further.

Kamala Harris, An “Heir-Apparent” Of Biden?

According to sources, the vice-president expressed her gratitude towards the partnership provided by Norway in terms of security. She also thanked them for the contributions of Norway towards global development and efforts made by them towards the sector of health security.

Vice-president Kamala Harris has contacted some international leaders after taking into her office. This was not done in person, but thorough phone calls. The leaders include Emanuel Macron, the president of France, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of the neighbouring state of Canada, and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel. The phone calls were made following that between the leaders and president Joe Biden.

The 56-year-old Kamala Harris has been actively engaged in the foreign affairs of the country within two months of taking into the office of the vice-president. This is evident from her communications with foreign leaders. This points out the fact that she will be actively contributing to the foreign policies of the country.

However, Kamala Harris is not known for her involvement in foreign affairs according to her experiences. This is an entirely new realm for her. The vice-president has only been involved in the domestic policies of the country. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that she will be viewed as the “heir-apparent” of president Joe Biden and not anything less by the world leaders. And this will lead to them trying to build a strong relationship with her.

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